Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale

Safe Space

Safe Space is an Integrated Attachment Theory based practice which aims to empower young women to create a healthy and thriving relationship in their romantic area of life cultivating self-love as the foundational building block.

Our Approach

We aim to work together with our clients in healing their attachment style by carving out a personalized program based on the IAT. We believe safety is the most important need we all have especially if we grew up in an  environment where there was a perceived or an actual lack thereof. And as the name implies at Safe Space it is our top priority to create an environment where our clients feel safe and supported throughout the entire process.

Cultivating self-love as the foundation
for healthy and loving relationships

We gain valuable insight about the subconscious beliefs and patterns we may hold by learning more about our attachment style

Our attachment style influences how we perceive, navigate, and respond to our adult relationships. It affects our ability to form and maintain secure and fulfilling relationships; therefore, healing our attachment style becomes crucial in order to break free from detrimental pattern and cultivate healthier and fulfilling relationships both with ourselves and others.

Types of Attachment Styles

Anxious/Preoccupied Attachment Style

Dismissive avoidant attachment style

Fearful-avoidant attachment style

Secure attachment style

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