Hi, I am Bety!

I am a certified Integrated Attachment Theory coach and founder of Safe Space life style coaching establishment.

My mission is to help young women create harmony both form within and in their romantic relationships.

My Story

Growing up, I found great fulfillment in offering guidance to friends and acquaintances, particularly in navigating the complexities of their romantic relationships. This role not only brought me joy and purpose but also provided me with a unique insight into human connections. However, as time passed, I began to realize the toll it took on me to constantly prioritize others’ needs over my own. This imbalance left me feeling burnt out and disconnected, as I neglected my own needs and emotions. Through introspection and self-discovery, I came to understand the importance of nurturing a balanced relationship with myself, one that honored my own needs, values, and beliefs. This journey of healing allowed me to recognize the profound connection between self-awareness and healthy relationships, both with ourselves and with others. It was this realization that inspired the creation of Safe Space-a platform dedicated to empowering young women to practice self-love and cultivate fulfilling relationships. Drawing from my experiences and professional training as an Integrated Attachment Theory (IAT) coach, my mission at Safe Space is to support young women in building healthy relationships, fostering self-love and navigating the complexities of romantic relationships with confidence by embodying their authentic feminine energy.

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Tsiyon Lemma

Social Media Manager

Social media manager and assistant at Safe Space.