About our Services

We believe safety is the most important need we all have especially if we grew up in an environment where there was a perceived or an actual lack thereof. As the name implies at Safe Space it is important to us that our clients feel safe and supported throughout the entire process. Our programs incorporate the following topics.

  • Recognizing thoughts patterns, beliefs patterns and values in each area of your life.
  • Core wound and belief reprograming.
  • How to regulate your emotions, how to use the emotional processing tool.
  • Determining your needs, how to meet your own needs, how to receive your needs from others in relationships.
  • Boundary work, how to set healthy boundaries (romantic r/ship, family, work)
  • Healthy communication in relationships (romantic r/ships, family, work)
  • Recognizing and reprogramming unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Types of services we offer

One to one Coaching

Couples Coaching

Executive Coaching

Excutive Coaching Packages

1st Package

1:30 hr. presentation

2nd Package

Monthly package

3rd Package

4 – 6 weeks of coaching

4th Package

12 weeks of coaching.

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